Facial Cleansing Balm

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Introducing our luxurious Facial Cleansing Balm. A transformative skincare essential that will revolutionize your cleansing routine. Designed to gently, yet effectively remove makeup, impurities, and daily grime, this nourishing balm will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant. Crafted with natural ingredients, our Facial Cleansing Balm offers a truly indulgent experience. Enriched with botanical extracts and skin loving oils, this balm delivers a powerful combination of cleansing, moisturizing and revitalizing benefits.

When you apply our balm, it effortlessly melts away stubborn makeup, excess oil and dirt, leaving your complexion perfectly clean and balanced.

Suitable for all skin types. Free from harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates ensuring a gentle and non-irritating experience. Lightly scented with a Natural Pear scent.


Use your fingertips to massage the balm into dry facial skin. Rinse away with warm water. Follow with a moisturizer.

*Always perform a patch test on a small, inconspicuous area of skin.


Rose colored tin; 2.5" diameter - 1.2 oz 


avocado oil, emulsifying wax, polysorbate 80, chamomile extract, natural fragrance

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