Well, where to begin?? I was working in the medical field, administratively, fighting traffic up to 4 hours a day on certain days. Although I loved my job, I realized that there is more to life than this. I sold my home in Miami, quit my job and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. I love to cook, making and creating recipes is something that I am good at. My daughter and I were talking one day and she said how good I would be at creating natural bath and body products but incorporating my love of cooking. So, I decided to base my bath and body products on foods. Well not actually using food but the theme of food. Yep, my products are food oriented. I have a "tea" set and a "coffee" set. So amazing that this is so much like the real thing of tea and coffee. Just wait until you try it, you'll understand! So, that's my story, I love creating. Making this all natural and healthy for our bodies, just makes this a much better venture in my life now. 

What you will find is fresh scents, skin softening oils and lots of ahhhhh! 

Step into my "store" and see :)