Pumpkin Spice Tea Bath

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Our beautiful and Lux Pumpkin Spice Tea Bath is taking bath time to a new level! Made with soothing dead sea salt, your tea soak relaxes and calms your body. Even if the weather is not quite as cool where you live and the leaves haven't quite fallen, it will most definitely will play with your senses and you can imagine that is your world outside. We use pumpkin seed oil with an abundance of nutrients. It has a rich source of vitamin E and has powerful effects on your skin's appearance and texture. It also contains antioxidants, zinc and omega fatty acids, which all work together to help your skin maintain a youthful appearance.  Our gorgeous white jar has a hammered rose colored lid making this a most luxurious gift! We have included a non-toxic cotton muslin drawstring bag as well as a scoop for the bath tea. A perfect  present, for any occasion (Christmas is coming soon!) to say you deserve to relax. 

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Add about 4-5 scoops of tea bath into muslin bag. Tighten string and place bag into hot bath water. Stir to circulate water and infuse. Soak, relax, unwind and enjoy. Toss the bath tea after use. Rinse the muslin bag to clean for additional use. Good for 6 -7 wonderful and relaxing baths.


Packaged in a large white glass jar with a hammered rose colored lid holding 9.5 ounces of tea bath.  Includes 1-reusable muslin bag & 1- scoop.


dead sea salt, bath tea blend, (rosemary Leaf, spearmint leaf, rose petals, chamomile buds, juniper berries) rolled oats, pumpkin spice, pumpkin seed oil, essential oil/fragrance oil blend