Shower Melts -LAVENDER

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Awaken your senses with our new Shower Melts. As water hits these easy-to-use shower melts, your shower will fill with fresh aromatherapy. Made with natural ingredients, these shower steamers are the perfect addition to your daily routine. Select your favorite scent— Each tablet will fizz to release essential oils and create an energizing and refreshing aromatic experience.  


Place 1 shower steamer onto the shower floor or hang in enclosed netted bag, where it gets wet but does not obstruct the main water stream. Breathe in the fragrant steam for an amazing, spa-like experience.


4.7 ounces. Packaged in a glass jar with 3 individually wrapped shower melts and bag to hang.


LAVENDER: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, lavender buds, essential oil