Toasted Marshmallow Lip Balm

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Oh how I love the warm yummy taste and smell of this Toasted Marshmallow Lip Balm! Like a fresh winter day by the fireplace, it will take you away to a log cabin away from all the happenings. . The combination of different oils and beeswax make the lip balm glide effortlessly over your lips and the taste, absolutely delicious!


Apply lip balm smoothly across top and bottom lip putting a bit more on any cracked areas that you may have.

A great way to use lip balm is to exfoliate first with one of our lip scrubs.


1 oval tube - .15 oz

* Because these are all natural, they are sensitive to heat.


beeswax, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, jojoba wax beads, flavor oil. vitamin E, castor oil

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